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Low carbon premium concrete products and carbon-negative operations


Carboclave products reach design strength and are ready to ship just one day after production, eliminating the need for yard storage. The high strength also ensures fewer chips and cracks during handling and transportation, reducing waste.    

Modified microstructure

The process’ rapid densification of concrete favorably reduces porosity and permeability. Moreover, the precipitated calcium-carbonates replace the much less stable calcium-hydroxide content, which plays a role in exacerbating concrete’s damage during service.


Carboclave products offer industry-leading durability, exhibiting lower susceptibility to damage from efflorescence, frost, sulphate-attack, corrosion, shrinkage, weathering, and harmful ion intrusion.

Consistency & dimensional stability

Carboclave products are consistent in color and physical performance, satisfying both CSA & ASTM standards. Their pre-shrunk and dry final state allows them to meet CSA’s linear shrinkage requirement and qualifies them the moisture-controlled designation (M).


Carboclave products are greener because they avert the use of energy and water during curing, sequester CO2 that would other wise be released into the atmosphere, and have an embodied carbon footprint that is at least 50% lower than conventional benchmarks.  

Standard practice  

Manufacturing imposes no deviations from existing processes and mix designs and does not necessitate the use of special material feedstock or additives.

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Using Carboclave for a few years now, and we have had nothing but great success. The products are consistent with nice vibrant colors and great strengths. We have had an increase in orders and are now converting another one of our kilns to the Carboclave process. We look forward to furthering our success with Carboclave.

Shawn hogan

Plant Manager

Having a masonry product offering that provides structural capability, aesthetic value and helps to reduce a project’s carbon footprint will help keep masonry in the forefront of a designer’s mind when constructing responsible and resilient buildings.

mike kriesel


After looking at all options available to maximize carbon reduction in our process, it was clear that Carboclavemade the most sense. It offers enhanced product capability and quality while greatly reducing our environmental impact

Justin campbell


By converting our plant to Carboclave, we dramatically decreased our energy costs and found increased blocks strengths.



The Carboclave tech will prepare us for the industry’s imminent and necessary shift to low-carbon concrete. Some of the firsthand  benefits we experienced with the Carboclave process include substantial reduction in the carbon footprint of concrete blocks and pavers, near elimination of primary efflorescence, faster curing time, and rapid strength gain. These also facilitated the successful use of recycled aggregates in masonry at a 100% replacement rate, arguably demonstrating the most sustainable concrete product yet.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Farhan