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We license technology for the production of dry-cast and precast concrete products. The Carboclave curing method uses CO2 instead of steam, resulting in a higher quality product with a more sustainable life cycle.



From retrofit modifications to the installation of new and built-to-spec modular systems, we provide a fully automated turnkey solution equipped with multi-layered safety features.

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We provide end-to-end project management and oversee the entire conversion process, guaranteeing a positive experience for our clients throughout implementation, and onwards.



Carboclave products have a lower carbon footprint and are superior in performance and durability. Our process guarantees immediate strength, consistent color and a myriad of other benefits including faster curing and potential savings.

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The Carboclave method uses carbon dioxide as a curing agent and, more indirectly, an energy source. Benefitting from the exothermic mineralization of CO2, our technology capitalizes on the heat generated from the reaction to further enhance and accelerate the curing of prefab concrete products.


Carboclave products are greener, stronger and more durable than conventional benchmarks. Reinforced at the microstructural level, they have lower porosity and permeability and are therefore more resilient and perform better in service-life.


Our technology has a positive impact on both our clients and the planet. We save producers time and eliminate both energy and water consumption during curing - all while producing a more resilient product. Our approach leads to a 50% reduction in a product’s embodied carbon and transforms an operator into a carbon sink with a net-negative footprint.


Carboclave was born through a search for greener and safer alternatives to autoclave curing. The company was incorporated in 2016, after demonstrating success in the development, validation, and scaling up of this more sustainable technology.

Carbon credits

Offering value to stakeholders beyond enhancing their concrete manufacturing, we’re working towards entering the carbon trading market and remitting credits for emission offsets achieved by our projects. The precise impact and total sequestration of these projects will be validated through a third-party life cycle assessment. Credited emissions achieved by Carboclave will be partially remitted to our clients, improving returns on initial capex and operating costs.

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